How to set up a security finance account with Santander Auto Finance

How to set up a security finance account with Santander Auto Finance

How to create a security account at Santander Automotive Finance?

There are a lot of options for people who want to create an account with the company, including direct deposit to a bank account or using an online account.

For those who want more privacy, there’s a mobile app called Auto Finance, which allows you to create multiple accounts.

We’re going to show you how to set one up and get your money.


Choose the type of account you want 1.1 Bank accounts are the easiest to set-up.

You can either set up direct deposit for your car or an automated auto finance account.

But both of those options can take a while to set.

1,2 Once you have an account open, you can make any payments as long as they’re in a bank or credit card.

There are also several payment options available: Auto Financing and Auto Finance Deposit can be done via a credit card or PayPal account, Auto Finance Deposit can only be done online, Auto Finance Auto Finances are more secure, but there are also security features that are more expensive.


Sign up for an auto financing account at auto and choose the account type and payment method.

The auto finance service is free, but the first time you make a payment, your account will be locked.

You will have to login to your account every time you want to make a new payment.


Pay your monthly balance using a credit or debit card.

Once you’re done with your monthly payment, you will receive a confirmation email.


Pay a security deposit using a PayPal account.

Once your account is unlocked, you are able to make regular payments to your security deposit.


Review your security deposits and make a deposit to your auto finance credit card account.

You may also get a “payment history” email to let you know your security was recently paid to your bank account.


Create your security account account in Auto Finance.


Review and verify your security balance to ensure you are making a good contribution.


Check your security for any unauthorized payments, including unauthorized fees.

Auto Fininance auto finance is more secure than regular Auto Finance auto finance, and you will be required to login every time.


Pay off the balance in your auto financing security deposit account.

Auto Finance will deposit your payment to your car’s security deposit, which is a savings account that you can access on your car.

This deposit is the maximum amount of money that you will ever make from your security funds.

If your security is overdrawn or if you make any unauthorized charges to your credit card, AutoFininance will freeze your account.


Make a payment to get your car back.

If you choose to make an automatic payment, Auto finance will notify you by email and phone that the amount has been paid.

If the auto finance card is your primary bank account, you must open your account to make the automatic payment.

If it’s your secondary bank account (for example, a checking or savings account), you will have a one-time access to your card balance and will not be able to access your auto funds until you open the account.


Save the security deposit for a rainy day.

Auto finance auto finance will keep your security Deposit balance until the account is closed.

When your security has been frozen, you’ll receive an email from Auto Finance advising you of your security freeze.


Check the status of your account using your mobile app.

The Auto Finance mobile app will keep you up-to-date on your security and balance.

The app is available in the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico.


Report any suspicious activity using Auto Finance Security Reports.

You are able, at your own discretion, to request a free Auto Finance report to see how the security is being used.

The report will give you an overview of your Auto Finance security deposit and how much of your savings account is being spent on interest and fees.


Report your interest and fee spending to the bank and/or credit card company.

The automated auto financing service will send a letter to the credit card and/ or bank detailing the payment you made and the amount of the security you are currently receiving.

Auto financing auto finance sends you a statement each time you send a payment that is due.

You’ll receive a summary of the details.


Report the auto financing balance to Santander’s credit card processor.

The security deposit is frozen when your account goes into overdraft, and if you use the automatic credit card payment to make another payment to Santarelli’s credit cards, your security will be frozen again.


Set up a Security Deposit Account with Santandar Auto Finance 17.

Set the payment method you want Auto finance can be set up using one of the two payment methods available to Santandara Auto Finance customers.

If they’re using an automated Auto finance account

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