Finance Minister Mike Nahan has signed off on a $1.2 billion plan to introduce a new election law

Finance Minister Mike Nahan has signed off on a $1.2 billion plan to introduce a new election law

Posted March 09, 2019 12:59:47 Minister Mike Nelson has signalled that the Government will be taking a fresh look at the rules around an early election.

“I will be doing a review of how we should do the early election so we have the best possible election that we can have,” he said on Friday.

Mr Nelson said it was an election the Government had to win to ensure the country had a voice in its affairs.

He said the Government wanted to give citizens a say in the decision making process, including how the Parliament should be chosen.

It would also allow voters to have a say on who is elected to the Parliament.

The Government’s election reform package was approved by the Australian Electoral Commission on Thursday night.

This was followed by the approval of a proposed election law, with Labor voting against it.

Labor’s decision was criticised by the Greens, who said it would allow the Government to circumvent the requirement for a two-thirds majority to pass legislation.

However, the Government said it had already started work on a new law, and the Coalition had not announced its intentions.

What are the electoral reform changes?

The changes to the election laws have come in response to a series of reports on the impact of the Coalition’s Coalition-Greens Coalition government on the quality of the vote.

There are five major changes:1.

A vote-counting overhaul that will reduce the number of times voters have to go through the process of filling out a postal vote form.2.

A new law that allows voters to take part in an early-voting period, which will mean voters can be more active in the voting process and make a difference in a close election.3.

A $1 billion election reform bill to increase the number and complexity of ballot boxes, to ensure all eligible voters have a choice in how they vote.4.

A change to how ballot boxes are filled out.5.

A mandatory recount of all postal votes, with the result published on the website.

What’s next?

It is understood that the Labor Government wants to introduce the same legislation for the next election.

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