$1,000 credit card offers 10% discount on new car finance

$1,000 credit card offers 10% discount on new car finance

A new credit card offer on the company’s website says you can get a 20% discount in new car financing on a new car for $1.00.

The offer is for “new car financing with a manufacturer.”

The promo is only available on select vehicles.

You can also buy it at the dealership or through an authorized dealer.

Fox News is not naming the brand because it is part of a new partnership with the auto industry to give consumers the chance to score a better deal on financing for their new cars.

The offer, which is good through July 31, comes on the heels of a big push by auto manufacturers to expand their financing options to cover more vehicles.

In February, General Motors launched a new offer called a “premium car financing” program.

New Car Finance, which was launched last year, lets you take out a $100 car finance loan at a rate of 10% per month.

The company says that if you’re interested, you’ll pay $50 per month after taxes and fees.

You then get $50 back when you buy the car and you can sell the car for a total of $300.

The first month is free.

The next month you can buy an additional $50 for a grand total of up to $300 per month in the following 12 months.

The program also gives you access to financing on any new vehicle.

AutoNation offers similar discounts on new cars in the United States and Canada.

The deals start at $150 and go up to a maximum of $1 for a 2019 Ford Focus, $300 for a 2015 Ford Focus Hybrid and $1 ,000 for a 2017 Ford Focus.

“As a brand with a strong commitment to innovation and providing the best car finance experience available, we are pleased to offer our consumers the opportunity to get the most value out of their vehicle financing,” said Jay Noll, vice president of automotive marketing for AutoNation.

“Our partnership with new car manufacturers will give our customers an additional reason to get behind their new vehicle purchase, and they can do it now for the lowest interest rates on any financing they choose.”

The company also launched its “FlexCar” program in May, which allows you to take out car finance loans up to 90 days for up to 60% off.

The FlexCar program also offers an additional 10% credit card discount on the purchase of a vehicle.

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